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The 1st securities code in sequence on Taiwan’s stock market

Taiwan Cement Company is the 1st securities code in sequence on Taiwan’s stock market. Taiwan Stock Exchange was established on February 9, 1962. Taiwan Cement Company took the lead in responding to the government policy, "capital securitization", becoming one of the first batch listed companies in the securities market, and encoded as "1101". With the booming of the stock market, the number of listed companies has expanded from the earliest 16 to more than 1,000. The stock code has also been expanded from the "1" prefix to the "9" prefix. Since the first one, Taiwan Cement Company has participated in the country's major economic construction. It has also become stronger and stronger with the development of Taiwan's economic and capital market. The amount of paid-in capital has been expanded from NT$270 million to NT$36.9 billion. The revenue has grown nearly 100 times. The company is called as the “Evergreen Tree” on the stock market in Taiwan. In recent years, the company has been involved in power generation, waste disposal and other businesses, and has become an environmental protection company based on the three core value of “cement, power generation and environmental protection”. It has flexibly used the capital from the capital market to expand its stable operation and effectively use the securities market. It sets up the role model of a win-win situation for both companies and investors.