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  • Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (hereinafter referred to as TDCC) declaration regards to the personal information collection, processing and using as follows : For the purpose of making an appointment to visit Taiwan Stock Museum, TDCC collects the name and telephone number of the contact person. The relevant information will be kept for one year. During the preservation period, TDCC will not use the personal information unless required by law or to invite visitors to the museum. You have the right to inquire/request to read/request the copy of your personal information from TDCC in writing, request for supplementation or correction after appropriate explanation, or request TDCC to stop collecting, processing or using and requesting the deletion of the personal information. The reservation form is available at the counter of TDCC 's business department. (Address: 2F, 363, Fushin N. Rd, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.,TEL: 886-2-27195805 #411), for more related information, please click the TDCC Website: