Permanent Exhibits

Permanent Exhibits

There are five exhibition sections in Taiwan Stock Museum, including Introduction、Inception、Continuation、Transformation and Incorporation.


Do you know the story about how stocks came into being?
How is stock issued? How are shares traded?
What are shareholders' rights?


World's, China's and Taiwan's first stock certificates!
How did the first stock certificate come into existence? What did the first stock certificate look like?
There is plenty of rare and interesting historical collectibles here. Come and take a look!


Taiwan stock market is closely associated with its economic development.Including the agricultural foundation, economic development and the flourishing of high-teck industries...
Would like to know more about the relationship between the stock market and economic development?
You've come to the right place!


When Taiwan stock market soared to 10,000 points and stock trading volume kept booming,
stock-related problems were derived.
Have your distant memories been awakened?
Take a look of how stocks penetrate into our daily life?
How the society has been influenced?


Secrets of the central depository operations and inventoy management have been revealed! Experience it first-hand!
From physical certificates to computerized book-entry, stocks can be magical!
Why is it necessary to be dematerialized?
What are the benefits of scripless stock certificates?
Taiwan Stock Museum invites everyone to the Cloud of the Future!

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