The Financial Supervisory Commission instructed Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation(TDCC) to actively implement full securities dematerialization, with the goals of reducing issuance costs,improving the operating efficiency of the market and conforming to international trends. On July 29th, 2011, Taiwan's securities market achieved the goal of full securities dematerialization, thus made it the 13th capital market to achieve full dematerialization of securities among the top 25 worldwide, in terms of market value of listed securities. To highlight the milestone of the full securities dematerialization achievement in Taiwan market, TDCC planned and reconstructed the original vault where physical stock certificates were put in safekeeping into the first Taiwan Stock Museum.

In addition to featuring to the history behind how stocks came into existence and their evolution, Taiwan Stock Museum also aims to show the close relationship between the stock market and the economic development of Taiwan through the display of rare collectibles, historical documents and interactive multimedia. The exhibition also tells the stories of how stocks have influenced our society and everyday life, as well as the arts and humanities.Welcome! Join us and have a fun experience here. Follow us through the vault gate, take a trip into the time tunnel and explore the past, present and future of stocks.