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Taiwan Power Joint-Stock Corporation (The 8th year of the Taisho, 1919)

Taiwan Power Company is a government owned company and its predecessor was the Taiwan Power Joint-Stock Corporation in the Japanese colonial period. The first hydro-electric power plant was constructed in Guishan township in 1904 since Taiwan was under domination by Japan. The Governor of Taiwan initially planned to operate the power plant by the government and the plan was stopped due to the factors of war and financial difficulties. The Governor Akashi Motojiro established the Taiwan Power Joint-Stock Corporation on July 31, 1919 and it was operated by the government and private companies together. He also carried out the construction of the Sun Moon Lake hydro-electric power plant at the same year and built up a power transmission system throughout west of Taiwan. The government of R.O.C. took over the Taiwan power joint-stock corporation and established the Taiwan Power Company after World War II.